Mrs. Ashlee's ExtraCurricular Guides

Are you ready to discover the trick to getting your little one to fall in love with learning from the Comfort of your own home?

One of the greatest resources Mrs. Ashlee provides is the ExtraCurricular Activity Guides. These Guides are tailored for little ones 2-6 years old and are based on a book published by the author. Each book has diverse characters with dynamic themes. The ExtraCurricular Activity Guides provide parents with easy-to-facilitate activities that encourage imagination, creativity and exploration of the natural world. Best of all, each activity utilizes zero technology.


Each ExtraCurricular Activity Guide Bundle includes:

  • A paperback copy of the children's book The Activity Guide is based on

  • The ExtraCurricular Learning Styles Guide

  • 4-5 activities tailored to the ExtraCurricular Learning Style

  • Alternate activities suitable for differing ExtraCurricular Learning Styles

  • Colorful kid-friendly printables

  • Printables that can be used in various applications

  • The Official Ashlee Chesny Coloring Book for FREE

  • Hours and days of learning fun for the entire family!

  • Investment: $39.99 + shipping

Checkout Mrs. Ashlee's current ExtraCurricular Guides below:


Meet Mrs. Ashlee

Mrs. Ashlee is a children's author and a Child Engagement Specialist. She uses her books and gift of storytelling to create programming that gets children excited about learning. Now, Mrs. Ashlee wants to help you do the same!

All children, no matter if they are in traditional school or a home school setting, need supplemental learning. This learning should be activity based, fun and engaging. Knowing that many parents want to provide this type of setting for their children, Mrs. Ashlee created Mrs. Ashlee's Learning Emporium. In the Learning Emporium, parents will have access to tips, resources, and more.

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