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Mrs. Ashlee is passionate about two things- children and how they learn. With child development experience locally and abroad spanning 17 plus years, Mrs. Ashlee has always been convinced that there was something that children needed more from the education system that they weren't getting. She couldn't put her finger on it, though. It wasn't until she became a published children's author in 2014 that Mrs. Ashlee began to figure it out. She witnessed that missing piece come to life whenever it was time for her to read one of her books at a school or when she interacted with children in her workshops. There was something unique and special about the relationships she was helping children build with the learning process. Somehow, someway, Mrs. Ashlee became synonymous with fun, engaging learning experiences.  

With much excitement, Mrs. Ashlee created Literacy Come to Life to help children K-6 fall in love with the process of learning. She spent 3 years perfecting her techniques and strategies through summer camp and after school programming. Through hard work and determination, Mrs. Ashlee discovered that children were missing the chance to discover their own person brilliance. And because of this, children were disengaged in the learning process before reaching first grade. After working with upwards of 600 children through Literacy Come to Life on a weekly basis, Mrs. Ashlee worked with her team to change this. The program has been an amazing success, but Mrs. Ashlee is still not satisfied.

I’ve realized that kindergarten is much too late to start getting children excited about learning. It’s time that I start my programming for children who are much younger.
— Ashlee Chesny, Mrs. Ashlee of Mrs. Ashlee's learning Emporium

Mrs. Ashlee's Learning Emporium was created to provide children 2-6 with fun, engaging activity-based learning that can easily be facilitated by parents at home. Being a new mom herself, Mrs. Ashlee recognized the need is for education to be engaging and for parents to be able to do it themselves. For that reason, she labors endlessly creating Activity Guides and resources for parents to implement at home, even if their child is in a traditional academic setting. In fact, Mrs. Ashlee believes that all education needs to be supplemented with activities that stimulate imagination, creativity and exploration of the natural world. So naturally, Mrs. Ashlee calls the educational programming resources "ExtraCurricular Learning". For tips, resources and support, parents are encouraged to get some "extra credit" by visiting Mrs. Ashlee's ExtraCredit Blog.

Want to know what else is super innovative about Mrs. Ashlee's ExtraCurricular Activities? Check out the list below...

  • each activity is is detailed with short, easy to follow instructions for parents

  • each activity uses children's book as a launching pad for each activity

  • children's book selection includes diverse characters with dynamic plots

  • each activity uses zero technology

  • each activity comes with printables that are usable in various applications

  • Activity Guides include learning style identification and explanation

  • each activity is marked for it's appeal to predominate learning styles

  • each activity comes with alternate activities that appeal to the other learning styles

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