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Each person has a story…


…and it’s finally time for me to tell mine. My story began nearly 30 years ago, but I won’t bore you with all of those details. Let’s get right to the good part with all the fun and fancy details. Here we go!

My name is Ashlee Chesny. I am an author and I am on a mission to use my gift of gab and storytelling to help women all over the world feel a part of the Sisterhood. If you ask me, that’s what I think is missing for us strong, independent women because at the end of the day, being a woman is hard and we all need genuine support. Unfortunately, we don’t all feel that we can be a part of one due to the conditioning that we must compete with each other. It’s a lonely feeling and frankly, it’s total b.s.

But how could I change that?


I had been working on several writing projects and spending lots of time in my other passion of serving children through the nonprofit I created called Genius Patch. I had written and published a few children’s books. I’d even earned the name “Mrs. Ashlee”. But all the while I was noticing something…the people who kept showing up to serve the children and help me were women. Even though they were juggling jobs, side hustles, children of their own and so many roles, they were still showing up. And behind the scenes, they’d ask me all the time “how do you do it?” This would lead to some powerful conversations where we’d end up laughing and hugging. They’d leave feeling more capable and a part of a sisterhood. I’d be all bubbly on the inside having made yet another dope friend. But I’d feel guilty, too, because I wanted more women to be able to talk with me. I wanted them to know that I was human, with struggles, too. That it wasn’t just them alone with their feelings. And from that moment on they would have support if they ever needed someone to talk to or just kick it with.

So, I did a thing….


I wrote my first book for women called “Oh Sh*t, I’m Thirty!: 100 Real, Wise and Hilarious Things Every Woman Should Know to Own Thirty Like a Boss”. I had a few friends and family members read it and they went nuts. Women who weren’t avid readers couldn’t put it down. Others were quoting excerpts from the book back to me and using it to change the way they treated themselves and other women, all while laughing and cosigning. It became clear that what started out as a quick eBook project quickly became a full on curated 100 things that women everywhere would love.

Are you excited yet?

I totally am!!! I never imagined when I quit my cushy corporate job in 2013 after being diagnosed with anxiety and depression that I would ever arrive at this much joy. I literally freak out sometimes at how amazing my life has been and the bomb ass women it’s been filled with along the way. I am so fortunate to have found my life’s greatest dream of creating a brand new style of self-help for women through the Sisterhood. And I am so excited to welcome you to it! Welcome to the sisterhood, girl. We are already friends!

Oh, yeah! Don’t forget to….

Grab your copy of “Oh Sh*t, I’m Thirty!: 100 Real, Wise and Hilarious Things Every Woman Should Know to Own Thirty Like a Boss”. After your read it, let me know what you think. I’m always available through email, or you can slide in my DM (don’t be shy!). Also sign up for my Sisterhood Email List below to be the first to know about all special events, exclusives, promotions and much more.

Welcome to my site, friend!

Much Love,


P.S. If you want to know more about me, check out 10 Things to Know About Ashlee Chesny.

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