Girl Code: Do What You Love Journal Download

Hey, Audacious Queen! I’m so glad that I get to meet you and talk all about being audacious and doing what you love. To make sure you have the tools to do exactly what you love, I created this journal that I use myself and with my clients for inspiration and encouragement. And because we are already friends (at least in my head), I’m giving you this journal for FREE! I really want to see you do your thing, so please use it.

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Print this journal out and bring it to our time together so you can follow along.

P.S. Go ahead and be the boss that you are and get a head start! It will help make our conversation even more amazing.

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What do my clients have to say about me? Read a few testimonies below:


“Watching Ashlee Chesny has always been inspirational. I first started following her as “Mrs. Ashlee” and her personality and passion drew me in immediately. When I first heard her speak, I was struggling with what direction I wanted to go in life.... Listening to her inspirational message gave me the courage and the push I do what was best for me. She made me realize if it wasn’t my passion, my purpose, then why was I doing it; more importantly, she made me ask myself what is my purpose. Although, I’m still struggling with that question, she made me feel like that was ok. Ashlee made me realize it was a journey and some people may look like they have it all, but you don’t know what they have went through or sacrificed to get there. Listening to pieces of Ashlee’s journey has inspired me to be true to myself despite what others may think.”

-Bryonna W.


“When Ashlee Chesny talks you definitely are drawn in to give her your full undivided attention. Her passion and energy is amazing she makes you feel and believe that you have the power to do anything. She is definitely a force to be reckoned with.”

-Shawnta B.


“I need you to know that I truly appreciate you. Ever since we talked, so many ideas and visions keep coming to me and I finally feel as if I’ve found my purpose. I don’t know how to thank or repay you for [helping] me find my purpose. Thank you so much.”

-Janay G.


“My experience with Ashlee has been nothing short of amazing. She has been able to walk me out of my comfort zone and tread into areas of myself that have been reserved. I have learned in our 3 sessions so far that even something simple as taking time for myself can have a major impact on my life and business.

Speaking of business, Ashlee has a vision for business that speaks volumes. It's almost as if she can picture and relate systems of structure to keep you and your ideas balanced to avoid burnout. I have learned so much in our 3 sessions and plan on learning so much more. I especially love the fact that her advice and direction is relatable, as I feel that I can identify with her.”

-Malikah M.


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