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Here are a few of my favorite resources to help you creating a fun engaging lifestyle for your little ones at home!

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ExtraCurricular Learning Styles Quiz

With this one of a kind quiz created by children's author and Child Learning Engagement Specialist Ashlee Chesny, you will have the unique opportunity to tailor education to your child like never before.

"I created this quiz to help parents understand how their child processes learning activities like never before. With this information, parents and children will have a more valuable relationship with learning and education." -Ashlee Chesny

Known as "Mrs. Ashlee" by children all over the nation, Ashlee has an undeniable gift for getting children excited about learning. Now she is sharing her tools with parents, just like you, that want to provide their children with an invaluable opportunity to experience the joy of education in and outside of the classroom.

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Junior storyteller workbook preview

Does your child love to tell stories? Do they dream of being an author one day? Now, your little storyteller has this opportunity to do just that. Created by 5x published children's author Ashlee Chesny, The Official Junior Storyteller Workbook teaches the process that the author uses to create her own stories. With her renowned ability to get any child excited about learning, Ashlee Chesny uses her "Mrs. Ashlee" abilities to bring the writing process to life alongside beautiful graphics and fun activities to turn any child into a passionate writer.

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