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How It All Started...


I became "Miss Ashlee" back in 2015 when I started my first educational program, Literacy Come to Life. At the time, I had been a published children's author for just about a year. I'd spent time in classrooms with diverse groups of children all over the Metro Detroit Area. They were all eager to learn and connect my stories to the world around them. So I figured, 'let's use these books to do something epic'. That began my journey into working directly with my K-6 "special friends" through 3 consecutive summer camps and after school programs.

But it's not enough....

Let me start by saying this....A LOT has changed since my 2015 "Miss Ashlee days". Now I am a mommy to a beautiful brilliant baby boy and my "Miss" has been dropped for a "Mrs."  Becoming "Mrs. Ashlee" has shifted my mindset quite a bit. I, now, realize that the programming that I create needs to start earlier on the learning spectrum. As I watch my own curious little one learn and grow at a rate that makes my head spin, I understand that the love of learning has to be nurtured much earlier than kindergarten. In fact, did you know that 80% of brain development occurs by age 2?

So it's time to get to work helping children fall in love with learning much earlier! You ask, is she up for the challenge? Of course I am!

Meet the Real Life Mrs. Ashlee...

Welcome to Mrs. Ashlee's Learning Emporium where learning is always an adventure! At Mrs. Ashlee's Learning Emporium we provide resources, tips, activity guides and events to help parents engage their child(ren) in the learning process starting at age 2. Find out more about Mrs. Ashlee's Learning Emporium here.

This Wednesday, August 16th at 10am, Mrs. Ashlee will be at the Charles H. Wright Museum to transport children into the world of science and engineering. Councilwoman Mary Sheffield will be alongside Mrs. Ashlee reading her latest book, "Brooke and Bre the Engineering Team". Then children will have the opportunity to design and engineer bridges of their very own. The event is FREE. 

Want to take a piece of The Emporium home with you? Mrs. Ashlee will be in hand to sign autographed copies of her book with a special note for your little engineer!

Find out more details at

Welcome to the Learning Emporium,

- Mrs. Ashlee


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