A Story That Almost Didn’t Get Told

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Hello out there! I am super excited to meet you. Or should I say that I am super excited for you to meet me? I don’t mean that to sound callous or obnoxious. But I am SUPER excited. Honestly. 

I know you are thinking ‘why would she be excited for me to meet her?’ I get it. I would be thinking the same thing if I was you.  


Here is why I am excited that YOU get to meet ME…

Because it almost didn’t happen.

You see, just like some of the greatest untold stories, my story was almost one of them. My life had been pretty cookie cutter. I’d grown up, done well in school, gone to college and secured a pretty cushy job in corporate America. On paper, I was living the American Dream. But in reality, the adventurous, life changing, best-selling novel of my life was withering away on the shelf, dying from being unwritten.

I’d been raised to follow the blueprint of the American Dream without falter or question. That blueprint, or so the belief in that blueprint, was certainly the antagonist of my story. It kept me from being the fearless heroine, who created her own path and followed her own destiny.

Let’s be frank. My story had been so freaking boring and textbook that it was literally killing me to live it. 

Though I would have pretended, then, that you should be excited to meet me, you wouldn’t have been. And more than that, I would have been disappointed for you to do so.


I always wanted to be the most compelling character in my own story. I wanted to be strong, brazen, awe inspiring and kick-ass.  

Back then, I was not that character. Back then, I was a shell of myself playing it safe, doing what I was ‘supposed’ to do.

Not now though!

And that’s why I am, finally, so excited for you to meet me!

Hello, new friend. My name is Ashlee and I am a literary super hero. I use my gift for storytelling to inspire kids and their amazing moms to follow their dreams. Currently I have written many children’s stories and published (and republished) a few of them. I am working on a novel, which will be among my biggest life accomplishments.  From my children’s stories, I create complimentary activities that get children excited about learning. 

Thus far, in my story, in June of 2015, I founded my own social education program called Literacy Come to Life. This program is a big part of my character plot as a superhero. Using this program, I am changing the trajectory of intercity students’ lives by helping them to fall in love with learning. We do that by making learning fun and not holding our students to a standard. We simply help them find their own brilliance and support their growth relentlessly. Literacy Come to Life, is one of the things I am most proud of in my story. I am blessed to be able to use my gift to benefit others, especially children. And I’d have to admit, winning an award for my work through the program just one year later was pretty cool too.

My story is still being written, every single day. It’s no longer a boring cookie cutter tale, but one that is captivating, alluring and one of a kind. I am so glad you have the chance to meet me now, so that I can share my journey with you. In fact, I am even more excited that now, you get to be a part of my story too!

Thank you for coming along for my adventure!


- Ashlee Chesny



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