ExtraCurricular Learning Styles Quiz

Find your child's Learning Style to discover how to best reach them through education


At Mrs. Ashlee's Learning Emporium, we want to help you reach your little one in the most effective way possible. While performance is a highly measurable method for tracking success, we believe that engagement is the most important factor in learning, especially for our young learners. That's why Mrs. Ashlee worked hard to create ExtraCurricular Learning, which provides parents of children 2-6 years of age with fun, engaging, activity-based learning resources. Parents rely on our detailed ExtraCurricular Learning Activity Guides to provide their little ones with one of a kind educational experiences. To ensure that our parents can do this we created the ExtraCurricular Learning Styles.

Knowing your child's learning style will make all the difference in your child having a positive relationship with education. While traditional learning styles are auditory, visual or kinestetic, Extra Curricular Learning has it's own unique styles. We believe that young children need to be exposed to all traditional learning styles and may show varying preferences depending on the subject matter.  For this reason, our signature  learning styles are quite different than the traditional ones. Keep in mind that as your child grows and gains more exposure to different subject matter, there learning style may change. This is also likely to happen as your child grows older.

In our Extra Curricular Learning Activity Guides, we provide alternative methods of facilitation for each activity that appeal to varying learning styles. This allows parents to move seamlessly through our activities, tailoring them to the interest and engagement level of that child. As you take the quiz remember that your child can have two dominant ExtraCurricular Styles. This is okay. Experiment with appealing to both styles as you move through our activity based curriculum.

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