Who Am I? Discovering Ashlee Chesny

When I was in 6th grade, my teacher repeatedly asked me this. I answered that I was Ashlee. She responded, “but who are you?”

I told her that I was my parents daughter and my sister’s sister. She responded that, that was who I was related to. And asked again, “who are you?”

After several rounds of this, I answered that I had no idea. I was devastated by this answer and admittance. But she smiled and told me “that’s ok, you have the rest of your life to figure it out.”

That question, “who are you?” has stayed with me since that moment. I’ve been constantly asking myself that. Many times, I haven’t known the answer. Many times I haven’t liked that answer. But I have never stopped seeking the answer.

If I would have to answer today, I’d say that Ashlee Chesny is a serial daydreamer. She is a storyteller who uses her unique perspective to share new and powerful ideas with both children and women. She is the nurturer and cheerleader who wants to see individuals unleash their own purpose to change the world. Ashlee Chesny is a believer in big ideas and a tireless warrior  to see them come alive. She is a master of letting go when necessary and seeing the bigger picture. Ashlee Chesny is a master of charm, making those she meets feel as though she is an old friend. Ashlee Chesny is a trailblazer who leaves her mark wherever she goes. She is a survivor and an overcomes. Ashlee Chesny is a queen of many faces.

Who are you? ️ 

Ashlee Chesny