The Way I Define Fealessness

There has been so much debate about fearlessness. All the perspectives make my head spin sometimes lol.



I have often been told that I am fearless. And recently I asked myself am I really fearless?

At 23, I quit my cushy corporate job (and every single one after that) on a mission to find my purpose. I’ve gone skydiving. I’ve lived in Italy without any family or friends. I’ve traveled solo to the Philippines to visit a friend. I published 5 children’s books and started my own award-winning nonprofit from a single idea and no formal training. I’ve taken more leaps of faith than a few, so I must be fearless, right?!

First, I’d like to say that I do fear LESS than I believe. I know Webster would tell us that fearlessness is the absence of fear, but I truly believe that it should be defined as “acting in a way that fear is less powerful than another behavior or emotion”, or something like that...

You see I know it may appear that sometimes I have no fear at all when I’m building my nonprofit, writing books, starting brands, speaking on stage, but that’s not true. I just act with less fear than the faith I have and the purpose I am filled with. Honestly, even my excitement is much greater than my fear. And that’s how I stay willful to do ALL THE THINGS, even with the fears I have.

So next time you think about fearlessness, know that no person (including me) is without fear. Instead the other emotions that support their ability to make an attempt is greater than the fear.

Now can someone get Webster to change the definition of fearless to mine and give me all the credit??? Lol 

Ashlee Chesny