Hello! I'm So Excited to Meet You :)

Hey there! I am super terrible about introducing myself because in my head I’m already friends with everyone...seriously!

But here’s to making sure we can really be friends by sharing 3 quick facts about myself...

1. My name is Ashlee Chesny and I often have either my first or last name (or both) spelled incorrectly. The last name being wrong is all thanks to Kenny Chesney the country singer. My first name was my parents’ attempt at giving me some creative flair. They weren’t quite creative enough though. My sister in law (through husband) spells her name the exact same way...Yep, there are two Ashlee Chesny’s spelled the exact same way in the same family. Not confusing at all…

2. I am a 5x published children’s author and the founder of the award-winning nonprofit Genius Patch. I am also an award-winning literacy advocate. Genius Patch uses the signature education methods and models I created to make learning exciting and fun for historically underprivileged children. I love the work I do with children! They come in disengaged in the learning process and leave believing they can do anything. Those special kiddos (and the volunteers) of the Genius Patch call me “Mrs. Ashlee”.

3. Before I started writing books for children, I actually spent a ton of time working on a novel about a little girl’s journey into defining herself as woman. I have been getting the nudge to get back into my writing for “big kids” (that’s us adults lol), namely women. I’ve always wanted to serve women and children. I’m working on how that would look currently and am super exited about what’s to come.

Got a question for me? Ask in the comments and I might just answer it in my next blog!

Ashlee Chesny